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Vision & Ethics Combined

We never accept an assignment we cannot fulfil to the full satisfaction of our client.


We undertake to act in full transparency with our Clients and Candidates and would not retain any significant information which could affect the Client’s or Candidate’s decision.


In no circumstances would we approach for an opportunity a Candidate we have placed with a Client.


A People In Health Candidate on a shortlist remains at the exclusive disposal of the Client until the assignment is complete or the Candidate is formally withdrawn from the process.


Confidentiality is our prime concern. Clients and Candidates data are only used with their consent and for the sole purpose of the assignment in which they are involved.


We inform Candidates as early as we can about the Client’ decision on their application.

Ethics, Expertise, Performance

We now live in a world where anyone access information easily. So what makes us special?


What has not changed is the challenge of bridging cultural aspects, technical skills and personality features with corporate requirements.


We strongly believe that the real added value of Executive Search lies in the contribution we can bring by advising our clients on their organisation and the establishment of realistic job specifications.


Simultaneously, we estimate we have a key role to play in assessing potential candidates talents and records and providing them with an objective evaluation of what they can reasonably expect from the challenges they are offered.

how we operate...

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